Data-Driven, Client-Focused

At Resolvo, we’re all about your success. We understand that businesses need more than data; they need results.

Our Origin

Resolvo was founded in 2016 in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark, by David Blythner and Bjarke Geel Schnipper Weirsøe. Their journey began with a specific focus on business intelligence, particularly for the shipping industry, as they assisted local businesses in leveraging data for better decision-making.

Over the years their client base has grown, and now spans the globe. Resolvo is proud to serve a diverse range of clients, maintaining a strong commitment to delivering top-quality data and management solutions, a client-focused approach, and a dedication to long-term success.

David Beck Blythner

Founder and partner

+20 years of experience within analytics and BI in Denmark and abroad.

Has a background in business and IT from CBS (Copenhagen Business School).

Bjarke Geel Schnipper Weirsøe

Founder, partner and CEO

+20 years of experience in system development and BI.

Has a background in IT from DTU (Danish Technical University)

Resolvo Headquarters

Avedøreholmen 84
2650 Hvidovre